A Poem and Sonnet from the Duck Dinner 2023

Contributed by Simon Godfrey Guest Speaker


In Aylesbury's fair realm, a duck was born

With regal manner and plumage white as snow

A creature of such grace, yet not forlorn

With pride it glided through the waters' flow

Its noble wings, unfurled in azure skies

Commanded awe and admiration deep

As if to brush the heavens with its guise

A spectacle that made the heartache leap

The sun would pause, its rays upon it cast

As if to pay homage to nature's art

In each swift quack, a melody surpasse.

A symphony that captivated hearts

Oh, Aylesbury duck, in beauty enshrined

Thy presence graced this earthly realm divine

May time immortalize thy noble mind

And let thy legacy forever shine


Fair Aylesbury Duck, adorned in snowy hue

Thy plumes of purity, a sight to adore

With grace, thou wandereth, in waters true

Thy regal presence, a beauty to explore

Thine eyes, like orbs, reflect a tranquil lake

As thou dost paddle 'neath the sun's warm glow

Thy beak, so sleek, akin to moon's fair wake

 Proclaims thy lineage, a noble show

No quack resounds, but whispers soft and low

A melody that nature's peace imparts

 Thou movest with a grace, as zephyrs blow

Embodying grace in every graceful start

Oh, Aylesbury Duck, thou art divine,

In thee, sweet nature's artistry doth shine.

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